Off-Page Website Optimization:

Link Building

Off-page is a Google-invented metric that focuses on building quality backlinks. Larry Page invented the concept of backlinks to view the relevance of a website based on the links that point to it. This metric involves all external factors that influence the performance or ranking of a page or website—this is opposed to On-page, which focuses on internal parts of a page or website that influence its rankings.

Think of Off-page as online chatter. This metric uses backlinks as a measurement of how many people talk about the website online. The more buzz you create, the more popular the site will be. Nonetheless, off-page is not the core of what makes a website rank; it is only 1/6 of an entire SEO strategy.

Best Practices:

  1. Improve your content marketing strategy.
  2. Create compelling content that can be cited as a resource.
  3. Get your client’s business on relevant business listings online, such as Yelp and Yellow Pages.
  4. Get published on high-authority sites relevant to your client’s niche.
  5. Develop a strategy for social media.
  6. Create an engaging title and description with target keywords when optimizing videos for YouTube.
  7. Improve your client’s brand mentions—your client’s digital footprint should refer to their name than it does by their keyword