Classified ads is the advertising on newspapers, online or other media. They are advertising placements put into different categories in periodicals, newspapers, online portals and also social networks. Today job search begins with classified ads. In several countries 20% of jobs are filled daily via classified ads. They also play an important role if you need to boost and market your business online because of the availability of free classifieds.

In early times, public notices were scribbled on stones and dry leaves. Today we glance at those advertisements of the past and come to learn about the culture, living style and standard human needs of that time. In the middle of the seventieth century a lot of books were printed that contained ads for properties. In 1690, the first newspaper was released in the US. However, the first classified advertisement was published in 1704 in Boston News Letter and from there the concept of advertisement started and grew all over the world. A lot of years have passed and people still search for employment, cars, real estate, and appliances for the home and other ads in newspaper or online. Online classified ads are cost-effective and sometime free and are convenient way to reach people online. You’ll find both paid and free classifieds posting websites. Business can take advantage to sell products and advertise their services at nominal cost or some placed free of charge. Should you have a service selling website then publishing a classified advertisement about it may draw in lots of people boosting the traffic which will definitely improve your revenue. In addition, it saves your precious time and also energy in this increasingly fast paced world. Nowadays, internet shopping is becoming a trend. As compared to newspaper, advertising online through classified ads will open a massive global market for you since the internet shortens the distance between everyone.

Classified ads can also be an extensive source for finding the suitable career for you. They are beneficial for both the client and employer. If you need to buy something but do not want to spend in traveling, then classified ads is definitely an option for you. On the other hand if you’re a seller then through classified advertising it is possible to reach a wide range of potential customers. If we talk about the online classifieds, then you can address to unlimited number of potential buyers.
Classified advertising is an effective and simple method of buying and selling products anywhere on the planet whether you’re in India, Middle East, USA, Canada or any other country. If you need to advertise your products and services online, you can start with first free classifieds, and then move to paid options after experiencing online traffic to boost your business to next level.